Welcome to Skies of Astra

Join thrill-seeking nightflyers on their journey into an interactive adventure where you write your own legend in a world where the carnival never sleeps.

The lucid state

We are the nightflyers, the self-aware.

In search of the bridge which will lead us to the Astral Skies where we can go everywhere and let our minds free to travel to the forgotten past and the far future, bridging the gap between the real and astral world.

We Own The Night.

We Own The Sky.

Character classes

There are 5 different classes, each with its own distinctive attributes.

The World

The Astral Skies is a world where time no longer flows, at its frontier sits the timeless city of Astra, where visiting Nightflyers can learn about the Astral Skies and experience Astrian culture where you will not only encounter other visiting Nightflyers but also the crazy Astrian inhabitants living their unique lives, each with their own stories to tell.

Team & partners

Team SOA

Team SOA are a top group of artists, designers, filmmakers, developers and engineers devoted to the craft of visual storytelling and immersive environments, with experience spanning Hollywood blockbuster VFX, VR, short films, and Web3.

Production Studio


Meet the team